We Have Found the Messiah!

Andrew was simply amazed when he said to his brother Simon, ‘We have found the Messiah!’ (John 1:41)

What started as an ordinary day had become truly extraordinary. The Messiah was found.

Ever needed to find something really important? Ever been reminded that you’d better find it? Ever been told ‘You’ll find it, just keep looking!’ – but still – you don’t have it, though you wait and search? Frustration. Desperation. But how did you feel when you finally found it? Relief. Deep joy. Now multiply all that several times over in terms of salvation from sin, death and judgment, and you get an inkling of what was going on inside Andrew that day. Millennia in the waiting, years in the searching, the promised Savior had finally come: the son of Mary, the Son of God.

With the intensity of Andrew to Peter, we say to you, ‘We have found the Messiah!’ – Jesus the Prophet to teach us, the Priest to save us, and the King to rule us. For that reason, we are Messiah’s Church, because everything about us is about Him. And as Andrew did on that day, we invite you to ‘Come and see!’ that you, too, may say ‘I have found the Messiah!’

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